19. Welcome to Chinatown (Covered Up)

Welcome to Chinatown - 245 East PenderArtist: Chi Ho Yeung
Year: 2009
Location: 245 East Pender
Dimensions: H. kk feet L. yy feet
Best Viewed: In the parking lot just east of Main

Welcome to Chinatown is a colourful rendition of the annual Chinese New Year parade. The traditional dragon is held aloft by a number of monks. The celebrating crowds who attend every year, families on bicycles as well as images of the dragon boat races combine to celebrate Chinatown and the very popular annual event.

Lead painter: Cindy Johnson

Team: Gloria Smyth, Helen Menyes, Joey Mallett, Dino Vasso, Chi Ho Yeung
Partners: IMPARK, Vancouver Chinatown Merchants Association, the Goldberg Group, and City of Vancouver – Great Beginnings

  • Welcome to Chinatown - 245 E. Pender
  • Welcome to Chinatown - 245 East Pender