14. Crow Highway

Crow HighwayArtist: Vincent Dumoulin, Vanessa Lowe & RestART
Year: 2009
Location: 419 Jackson Avenue
Dimensions: H. 23.5 feet L. 31 feet
Best Viewed: Southwest corner E. Hastings & Jackson

Crow Highway. The mural is located on the side of the home where the woman’s daughter currently resides. In the photo Mrs. Lowe was born in Naniamo and moved to Strathcona in the 1930′s. She is seen posing with a vintage car. Reflected in the windshield are the houses across the street from where she lived at Pender and Heatley. The site of the mural is where her daughter Vanessa, an artist, now lives. It is the same property that was owned by a friend of the family and it was a prime viewing spot for the PNE parade.