26. Multicultural Mural

Artist: Richard Tetrault & Thomas Anfield
Year: 1991-2001
Location: 920 East Hastings Street
Dimensions: H. 12 feet L. 115 feet
Best Viewed: Southeast of Campbell on Hastings – Raycam Community Centre

The Raycam Multicultural Mural was designed to express facets of diversity in Vancouver, the intention for the mural was to represent multicultural aspects of East Vancouver. I represented the community in a sequence of figures arranged in groupings to suggest the broad range of cultural backgrounds within this area. Figures are linked by an abstract background to integrate the piece. The mural was designed to lend a personal and dramatize presence to this part of Hastings Street, bordered by Raymur Housing (now Stamps), light industrial buildings, Strathcona houses, and a busy overpass.

MultiCultural Mural was initially funded through Census Canada, and painted in 1991 with Thomas Anfield and Haruko Okano. It was completely reworked in 2001.