18. Lao Tsu Mural (Covered up)

Title: Lao Tsu” Mural
Artists: Designed by Kenson Seto, and painted by Alex Li & Falk
Completed: October 2, 2010
Location: 311 East Pender
Dimensions: H. 32 feet L. 121 feet
Best Viewed: In parking lot Gore & Pender

Theme: For Vancouver, it’s the first time the city has seen a traditional Chinese painting portraying a historical scholar and philosopher in a mural. It depicts Lao Tsu, also known as Li Er, the grand ancestor of the Lees, sitting on an ox with a scroll in his arm, gazing ahead benevolently. Painted on the right side of the mural is one of his sayings, with the translated version appearing on the left: “It takes knowledge to understand others, but it needs a clear mind to know oneself. It takes strength to surpass others, but it requires a strong will to surpass oneself.” In the background, one can see the classic scenery of white clouds floating around greenish purple mountain tops with birds soaring in yonder blue skies.

Sponsored by the Lee’s Benevolent Association of Canada and the e City of Vancouver in collaboration with Vancouver Chinatown Merchants Association.